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Which One?

I don’t buy new clothes too often since well, it’s expensive and I just no occasion to wear a lot of the fun things i see..UT I am seriously thinking of getting one of these 2 items. I am leaning towards the plaid dress, it seems more my style. Views? Anyone want to gift me??? *bats lashes*


So it seems I haven`t posted anything here since JUNE!!!!  I have been just so underwhelmed with anything to really say and with the site.  

I DID go to San Diego and Vegas in July and had a blast.  It refueled me and now that I have recooped (yes it took a week to do so),  I am ready to buckle down adn get back to it

Anonymous asked:

where's ur fave place to be cummed on? - i would love to fuck you good and hard then cover you in cum.

Depends what we are doing. IE BJ’s I like on my chin or chest.

Or doggy, on my ass. 

Anonymous asked:

btw youd be hot in a gangbang or bukkake party

I do admit, this is a fantasy of mine.


Just putting this out there..if anyone ever wants a cam show you can either find me here

Just BBW Cams

OR on skype. DM me for my contact info there.  FYI $2.00 a min is cheaper then JBC!

Scarlette WAY back when

Take a trip down memory lane to nearly 10 years ago when I first started out.

This was my first set I shot with intentions of having a site. How sweet and innocent looking I was. (and thinner by about 40lbs)

i admit I would like to get back to being this size again. I am not sure if i have aged all that much either.  Is it wrong that at now, at 39, I still want pigtails?

Anonymous asked:

you just made me cum so hard... do you like guys cumming on you?

Yes I do!  In fact, a bit of a fantasy is to be used by a few men in such a a manner. ;)

Back online

For those that have noticed (or really even if you didn’t) I haven;t been on here in over a week. The reasoning was I had no internet but as of 9pm tonight, it is back!!!  i am back!

This means I can get to posting more smut, and silly things! (starting this weekend as I am about to go to bed!)

Vintage Vixen Feel

The black and white satin negligee helps me channel my inner vixen as I pose and flaunt my fat in this update. I love how sexy it feels against my pale creamy skin. I certainly wish I could wear this for a special someone…

See this exclusively at

Some recent updates with guests

A snippet of some of the guests i have worked with and can be seen on!

Me and the lovely Synsuous

Poolside fun with Hippy Chick

AND the awesome Ivy from